COVID-19 Information

This page is kept updated with details on Central’s current worship and Bible study offerings as impacted by COVID-19. Please check back frequently for changes.

Page last updated: 4/18/2021

Indoor/Outdoor Assembly, Sundays 10:45am and Wednesdays 7pm

This worship service is held primarily indoors with outdoor singing at the end. What to expect:

  • All attendees must wear a face covering at all times, except for those listed as exempt here. Please bring your own face coverings, but they will be provided if you do not have any available.
  • On entering the building there will be a welcome table where as needed you may request sanitization supplies.
  • You are welcome to bring your own Lord’s Supper emblems for the Sunday service, but individually-packaged communion cups with wafers will also be available at the welcome table.
  • Once past the screening station please find your seats immediately without idling at the entrance. You may sit anywhere that is not blocked off, but your family group must maintain a minimum distance of six feet from others at all times. Please do not move around the Auditorium to talk to others.
  • Indoor singing is currently prohibited by the state. Just prior to the close of worship everyone will move outside to the parking lot to sing several songs. When this happens please exit the Auditorium immediately while still maintaining the minimum six-foot distance from others.

Facebook Live Stream, Sundays 10:50am and Wednesdays 7pm

These streams are available on our Facebook page for both live and later viewing. You do not have to have a Facebook account to view the stream.

The Sunday stream includes both the Lord’s Supper and sermon.

Zoom Worship in Spanish, Sundays 9am

If you would like to attend please email Sal Martinez at

For members not attending in person, please remember to submit your offerings via PayPal or by mail to Central church of Christ, 1170 Foxworthy Avenue, San Jose, CA 95118.

Regardless of which option you use, we ask that you keep one another in prayer and express your love for others by staying in touch, encouraging, and supporting one another. Please continue to pray for this Body of Christ as we adapt and make it through a tough 2020.